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Workshop 4

What defines the best Angel investors?

5.30 - 7.30pm, Monday 4 November 2019, Northern Club, Auckland

1. Is mentoring the key to differentiating Angel investors?

2. Is Angel investing a hits business driven by a faith in the low probability of massive returns?

3. Why do Angel investors tend to gravitate to the high tech sector?

4. How much does Angel investing depend on incubator environments?

5. How is crowd funding impacting on Angel investment?

6. Angels, super Angels and VCs-where and how are the lines being drawn today?

7. Why has Angel investing been embraced in the United States more than anywhere else?

8. Is Angel investing still a key to innovation, productivity gains and growth in an economy?

9. Is Angel investment too dependent on white males?



Speaker 1 - TBC

Speaker 2 - TBC

Speaker 3 - TBC


Allan McRae
Director, Lowndes

New Zealand

Allan specialises in corporate, commercial and securities law and has extensive experience in M&A deals, including advising in relation to NZX Listing Rules and the Takeovers Code.

He regularly advises in relation to joint ventures and other commercial contracts as well as on offers of securities, advising both issuers and trustees.